Jun 9, 2009

New Galaticos On Progress

Kaka became 1st 'gatatico' hired by re-elected president Florentino Perez. Deal believed around £59 million, smashed current world record transfer by more than £10 million. Previously Florentino Perez paid Juventus £47 in 2001 for Zidane. Kaka set to wear Zidane old number 5 shirt.

Last time Perez spend £47 m for Zidane, £23.2 for Fat Ronaldo, £24.5 for Beckham and £37 for Luis Figo. Question now whose next? Cristiano Ronaldo? Frank Ribery? Xabi Alonso? David Villa? We will see a lot of 'REAL' word in newspaper and ESPN headlines. 'Real Deal', 'Real Move', 'Real Offer', 'Real this...and Real that'...

Good this is, the transfer market starts early, so there will be a lot of posible moves ahead.

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