Apr 2, 2009

Thank You Pak Lah

Less than one hour ago Sultan Mizan accepted Pak Lah resignation as Prime Minister of Malaysia. Pak Lah famously known as Mr. Clean of UMNO before became 5th Prime Miniter will be remember as soft prime minister that follow instruction from Level 4 boys. He will also was seen as failing to fulfill his promises to eradicate corruption, reform the judiciary and strengthen the police and civil service.

Najib is expected to take over as prime minister on Friday. He has described allegations concerning the murder of a Mongolian woman as "malicious baseless lies". He also accused as the one that wear the sarong in his family while his wife Rosmah have a loader voice.

In other words, previously Malaysia managed by a group of young yuppies but now it is under a supervision of one ambitious iron lady.

Is it a transformation from BAD to WORSE?

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